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Cheeky FM brings you an hour of non-stop 70s classics with artists such as the Bee Gees, Slade, Abba, Mud, Gloria Gaynor, Queen and Rod Stewart.


There was more variety in music in the 1970s than ever before.

Music listeners had dozens of genres to choose from, and many of them rose to popularity at different points during the decade.


Funk, Soul, R&B, Pop, Hard Rock, Soft Rock and Disco all carved out their place in the music world in the 1970s. The late 70s also witness the birth of another young music style: hip-hop.

Some of the best rock n roll of all time was recorded in the 70s. From David Bowie to Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, the list I could make would keep you scrolling for days.

The 70s were a golden era for vinyl records. They were affordable to everyone, and everyone had a record player. It seems like almost every song ever made in the 80s had a 70s sample in it.

Music equipment had finally given artists more than four tracks to work with, and music became much more experimental than it was technically capable of being in the 60s.

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